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Ways of Helping students in Understanding Maths

It is the ultimate goal of every teacher to assist his or her students in applying skills and understanding the content presented. The students should be in a better position of recalling the concept taught in class. Learning is more than just memorizing the procedures. The concept taught in maths might be required in another topic in future. The following are the effective ways of helping learners understand this topic in the classroom.

Having an interactive class opener

The first few minutes of a class should be spent in setting the tone for that lesson. This will involve sharing the agenda of that class with the students. This will help them in knowing what is expected of them by the end of the lesson.maths class

As a teacher, you can take this time in posting and articulating the learning objective to your class. Assessment should be done at the end of the lesson to determine if the learners have understood the concept. You can also incorporate some warm-up problems in the opener to review and access the knowledge to review and access the student knowledge.

Using multiple representations to introduce the different topics

This is the best way of addressing the different learning styles of your students. It is the best way of presenting your content to the students. Some of the representations used include drawing out the problems, offering symbolic representations, showing pictures and using manipulative. The different representational modes can help students in understanding the different problems and concepts. This will, in turn, help them in performing better on assessments.

Solving problems in different ways

You can use different methods when solving problems in maths. Students should also be encouraged to come up with other creative ways of solving problems. The use of different approaches and strategies in teaching is considered as one of the best ways of deepening conceptual understanding amongst students.

solving problem

Showing the application

This involves demonstrating how the different concepts are applied in real life situations. This will make your students understand better. Some of the concepts learned in maths are applied in other subjects.

Help them in communicating their reasoning

A good student should be capable of explaining his or her reasoning when solving a problem. Learners who have mastered the concepts can communicate both in writing and orally. It is, therefore, to give them some minutes to discuss what they have learned and reason with each other. This is the best way of promoting excellent learning and engagement.…